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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Ad-Hoc Mayor's Advisory Group CommitteeMemorial Hall  
Affirmative Action and Human Rights Commission Other CommissionCity Hall, Room 20910 
Board of Building Appeals BoardRacine Public Library  
Board of Cemetery Commissioners BoardCity Hall4 
Board of Electrical Appeals Board   
Board of Ethics Board 6 
Board of Harbor Commission Other CommissionCity Hall1 
Board of Health BoardCity Hall7 
Board of Park, Recreation and Cultural Services BoardCity Hall Annex, Room 13010 
Board of Review Board 5 
Board of Standards Board 2 
Board of Zoning Appeals Board 3 
Cable Television Commission Other CommissionCity Hall, Room 209  
City Plan Commission Plan CommissionCity Hall, Room 2053 
Civic Centre Commission Other CommissionFestival Hall-Green Room8 
Committee of the Whole CommitteeCity Hall, Room 20515 
Common Council Primary Legislative BodyCity Hall, Room 20515 
Community Development Committee CommitteeCity Hall, Room 20513 
Downtown Area Design Review Other CommissionCity Hall, Room 3017 
Due Process Board BoardRoom 2056 
Economic Development Committee Committee   
Elderly Housing Authority Committee   
Executive Committee CommitteeCity Hall, Mayor's Office6 
Finance and Personnel Committee CommitteeCity Hall, Room 3075 
Landmarks Preservation Commission Other CommissionCity Hall, Room 2091 
Library Board BoardRacine Public Library7 
Loan Board of Review BoardCity Hall5 
Police and Fire Commission Other Commission 5 
Public Safety and Licensing Committee Public Safety and LicensingCity Hall, Room 2055 
Public Works and Services Committee Public Works and Services CommitteeCity Hall, Room 3015 
Redevelopment Authority of the City of Racine CommitteeCity Hall7 
Sex Offender Residency Board Board 3 
Sister City Planning Committee Committee 10 
Standing Joint Review Board Board 6 
Wastewater Commission Other CommissionCity Hall Annex, Room 22716 
Waterworks Commission Other CommissionCity Hall Annex, Room 2278